Which way do I go?

William Schertz

It’s almost a right of passage: College freshmen mindlessly wandering about as they make attempt after futile attempt to navigate their way across campus.

Year after year, Kent State freshmen find themselves in the same predicament, lost on their way to class and having to re-evaluate positions or ask others for directions.

Luckily for those lost souls, who, by sheer lack of knowledge, schedule classes on opposite ends of campus, I am here with some valuable insight to make finding the quickest route to your classes easier.

One of the most important things for any student to know are the best shortcuts are from point A to point B to point C and so forth.

It would take too long to list every possible route from one point to another, but there some general tips you can follow to make your first week easier.

– Try to locate your classes ahead of time. Using a map and building key, time yourself walking to your various class locations.

– Normally professors are more lenient on tardiness during the first week of class, so rather than using this as an excuse to sleep in, try a different route each time you go to your class to see which way is quickest.

– Sometimes it can be quicker to cut through other buildings to get to where you need to be. For example, if you are heading from Tri-Towers to the Math and Computer Science Building, go through Eastway.

If all else fails, don’t be afraid to ask an upperclassman for directions.

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