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Jessica Lentine

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Sick of studying and looking for an excuse to take a study break? Try visiting one of these Web sites that are sure to be both entertaining and helpful.

There’s only one place on the Internet where you can find out what your friends from high school are up to, scope out parties for the weekend and “poke” your friends.

That place is, where everyone knows your name. For most students, logging onto thefacebook Web site has become as much of a routine as checking his or her e-mail.

“I usually check it two to three times a day,” said Sonja Perman, sophomore broadcast news major. “I log on to see if my friends have changed their pictures or if there are any parties coming up.”

After registering with a valid Kent State e-mail address, users can create a profile that lists interests, clubs and jobs, favorite quotes and a picture. Each member also has a “wall” that can be edited by other members of

Possibly the most interesting feature of is the ability to poke other members. While no one is quite sure what poking is, it’s always nice to log on to find a poke waiting for you. (

Whether you are looking for something to do, somewhere to eat or general information about the university and the community, you can find it at the Kent Daily Jolt.

The Jolt features on- and off-campus event listings, a food guide, procrastination links, weather, news and a user forum. In addition, it is partly run by users, who can submit quotes, reviews and links to almost any part of the site.

“My favorite part of the Jolt is definitely the picture pages,” said editor-in-chief Ryan Reichert in an e-mail. The picture pages compile photos taken around campus by both the staff and students.

Reichert founded the Kent edition of the Daily Jolt in 2004, because he knew it would be a great resource for students on campus. “We try to be the most multi-faceted tool for students at Kent.” (

Tired of always being on the receiving end of grades? At, the students get to do the grading.

Many students are making sure to log on and scope out their options before making their schedules each semester. has compiled a list of professors at each university that is available for students to rate based on helpfulness, clarity and easiness.

The site also features a section listing the funniest ratings, with quirky comments such as: “You can’t cheat in her class because no one knows the answers,” and “She hates you already.”

The Web site boasts a total of over 3.5 million ratings with over 3,000 new ratings added daily. (

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