Tasty area pizza

Evan Belfiore

Pizza, its what’s for dinner, breakfast, lunch and a late-night snack.

There are big-name chains and local establishments to choose from each offering something different.

Where you order from depends on what you want. Most places have more than just pizza. You can order chicken, gyros, subs, salads, jojos and more. On top of all that, many places have daily specials on just pizza or combos with pizza and chicken.

I have lived in Kent for almost 20 years and the one local place that has remained constant is Guido’s Original Pizza. Since Loft Pizza closed, the title of best local pizzeria is no longer in question. Thick cheese covers your favorite toppings on a square-cut pie for less than $10. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Gemini Pizza is almost as good as Guido’s, but they do not deliver to all parts of campus. Gionino’s and Bruno’s are also good if thick cheese is not your thing. Sorboro’s has average pizza in my book, but they feature tremendous subs. I recommend the meatball or Italian sausage sandwiches.

Europe Gyro delivers until 3 a.m. and offers a wider variety of foods. While I think their regular pizza is OK, I really enjoy their white pizza. It is one of the best pizzas you can get in Kent. And another place where Gyro scores big points is with their sandwiches, gyros and wings.

When ordering from the local pizzerias, always ask for the daily special and a menu for future ordering. Because they charge less than their chain competitors, most of them do not have coupons. Some places have menus and ordering available online.

When ordering from the chains, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, Zeppe’s, Domino’s and East of Chicago, prepare to pay more. All of them have coupons floating around the residence halls, in the mail and even online. My advice is never order from the chains and pay full price. Always look for coupons and specials.

The most intriguing pizza chain is Pizza Pan. The home of the free pizza, Pizza Pan offers buy-one-get-one delivered pizza free or buy-one-get-two pizzas for pick-up. The only problem I have with their pizza is that their sauce has a strong onion flavor. If onions aren’t you’re favorite flavor, order several toppings to mask.

Papa John’s offers a late night student special not to be ignored. With a University Bookstore card you can get a large one topping for $6.99. You can also use Flashcash to pay for your pizza.

Zeppe’s and East of Chicago both have good side menu items to compliment their pizza. Zeppe’s offers pastas, calzones and subs. Zeppe’s and East of Chicago’s have really good food, but for the college student with a budget they may be too expensive.

Pizza Hut has a cornucopia of specials and coupons available. I suggest the two large specialty pizzas for $19.98. The only problem is that there is a delivery charge with the Hut. If you have a car and time around noon, might I suggest the Pizza Hut lunch buffet. For $3.99 you get all the pizza you can eat. You’ll have to get to Stow though.

While I prefer the local places over the chains, students new to the area may want to stick with what they know. Just remember to keep an eye out for coupons, and shop around because there are 15 pizza places in Kent not counting Pete’s Arena in the Rathskeller or Eastway Cafeteria which delivers on campus.

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