USS discusses relations with city, free papers

Michelle Poje

Collegiate Readership Program to continue this fall, Student Leadership Development Board implemented

The Undergraduate Student Senate met last week for the second time this summer to discuss future goals and projects, including the Collegiate Readership Program, a Student Leadership Development Board and the relationship between students and the City of Kent.

Education managers Kandace Rusnak from the New York Times and Cami Nowe of USA Today spoke to the USS last Thursday about funding for their newspapers on campus this fall.

The program, known as The Collegiate Readership Program, will allow students to obtain free copies of the New York Times and USA Today in various locations on campus.

“We want to impact students all over,” Nowe said. “We know you (students) do not want to walk all the way into the city to get a diverse newspaper. We want to bring the papers to you instead.”

When piloted on campus last spring, newsstands featuring USA Today were stationed in Eastway Center, Olson Hall, Prentice Hall, Stewart Hall and Tri-Towers Rotunda. The average number of newspapers picked up was 394 per day.

The Senate discussed possible locations on campus where the newspapers could be distributed, such as the Student Center. The newspapers would be distributed through open air displays or secure displays that would allow students to obtain a newspaper by scanning their student identification cards.

Executive Director William Ross also discussed several projects that he plans to work on over the summer.

One is the formation of the Student Leadership Development Board, an organization that will allow students involved in campus activities to share their experiences with students who are not involved.

“I see the board as a great way for students who have done a good job with their education and organizations to help other students become involved,” Ross said.

The board’s responsibility will be to assist the Office of Campus Life in the development of student leaders.

The Senate also discussed rising concerns over the relationship between students and the City of Kent. The concerns include recent noise and alcohol ordinances imposed by the Kent City Council.

“I think the main problem is the City Council does not take students seriously and sees them as merely a nuisance,” Ross said.

Ross Miltner, undergraduate student senator for community affairs, agreed.

“There are a number of students on campus making up a large section of this city whose voices should be heard, and they are not being heard,” Miltner said.

Ross proposed that the Senate voice their concerns to City Council in the near future.

“We’re serious … We’re not just students out trying to have a good time,” Ross said.

The USS’s next public meeting will be held on Aug. 12 at 3 p.m. in the Governance Chambers on the second floor of the Student Center.

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