Campbell brothers back in action with ‘Red Skulls’

Eddie Dilworth

Ryan Maille, Ashleigh Holeman and Chuck Cieslik star in Luke and Andy Campbell’s The Red Skulls.

Credit: Beth Rankin

Lights. Camera. Cue the fake blood.

Senior electronic production major Andy Campbell and his older brother Luke, a Kent State alumnus, will show the world premiere of their latest bloody horror movie The Red Skulls at 8 p.m. Saturday at The Kent Stage.

The movie portrays the story of a gang leader who attempts to leave the gang, but gets pulled back in while trying to save a friend who recently joined. The movie then takes a mutant zombie twist.

Andy, who said he is a big fan of the horror genre, explained why he and his brother make gory movies.

“People actually started to like our movies, so we kept making them,” Campbell said.

Andy, who will graduate from Kent State this spring, said he and Luke started making movies in high school for student projects. When they began college, Andy said the two became more interested in making movies and made their first feature film Midnight Skater, followed by their second movie Demon Summer, which premiered on campus last year.

The Red Skulls, like the Campbell brothers’ previous two films, was shot in the Kent area and features a cast made up primarily of Kent State students and graduates, Andy said.

Senior jewelry metals major Roza Haidet has appeared in all of the brothers’ movies and plays the “badass” girl in The Red Skulls.

“I usually play the good girl,” Haidet said. “As an actress though, you have to explore different roles.”

Haidet, who said she has been friends with Andy since she was 5 years old, played the “badass” girl from May to October of last year, the months when The Red Skulls was filmed.

“Every movie (the brothers have filmed) entails a lot of blood,” Haidet said. “Sometimes I have sticky blood all over my face for hours on end.”

Since October, the movie has been through the process of editing, music and voice-overs for final production, Haidet said.

After their last movie Demon Summer was completed, Andy said about 100 people attended two showings of the movie.

Junior Frank Bochard, an electronic media production major and horror movie fan, said he plans to go see the movie.

“I like movies with blood and gore, if it’s done untastefully,” Bochard said.

Bochard said he likes it when the blood is obviously fake and splashes everywhere.

Andy said pre-production on the next feature film is underway and will involve just as much blood. A title for the movie has not been chosen at this time.

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