Learning from others’ stupidity

Elliott Cramer

Most of the underclassman — I say most because there are always exceptions — are brain damaged. I think the endless hours of playing video games and watching “Power Rangers” have made their attention spans, manners and common sense almost extinct …

Yes, most of us have had our moments, either going out week after week drinking too much until we make ourselves sick or opening our mouths when we should have kept them shut, but I am constantly finding myself surrounded by some kind of stupidity that comes from an underclassman.

It’s only going to get worse, too. The kids who are in elementary school are heavier and more stupid than ever before because they are simply lazy bums, sitting around playing their precious video games and stuffing their faces with junk food.

Honestly though, it’s not just in our younger generations. I see this “brain damage” everywhere.

If you watch Fox News, you definitely have brain damage. I have tried to watch news shows on that station but can’t get through it because no anchor/host ever lets the guests speak!

Thank God our president of the United States isn’t brain damaged. I’m so happy we have a War in Iraq and we’re getting rid of all those people who will aid terrorists (psst … we aided the Taliban in the ’80s). Those terrorists’ supporters are so immoral.

I never knew the idea that a homosexual was less than I am was true until this past election year. I mean, wow, I’m better than them because I’m straight — that is so cool. Better make sure they don’t get married, I mean, honestly two guys being married, that would keep me up all night, and I just wouldn’t be able to sleep because I’m so scared they might make me a homosexual.

Sound stupid? That’s because it is, just like everyone who thinks that.

I honestly think that 50 percent or more of our population is dumber than a pile of bricks.

Every day I am ridiculed because I am a photo illustration major. This means I’m not good enough to be photo editor of the Daily Kent Stater, or have a thought or be included in the School of Journalism because I’m a “major in transition” or because my major doesn’t fit under the “journalism” category.

I mean, who would think, I’m a photo-illustration major who actually might want to do some photojournalism in his future — I must be going crazy!!!

In the words of one of my favorite professors here at Kent, “College is just a way to show that you can put up with crap for four years.” So I guess I can say thank you to all you brain-damaged people out there for teaching me all the wonderful knowledge I need to know about what not to do.

My final comment for those who will follow behind me here at Kent State is get off your bums and get involved. Work hard, and don’t let anyone keep you from accomplishing your goals in life.

Elliott Cramer is a senior photo illustration major and the photo editor for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected].