WEB EXCLUSIVE: Woman accosted, held at gun point outside Humphrey Hall

Sean Joseph

A female student was thrown down and robbed at gun point last night in front of Humphrey Hall.

Whitney Dupra, freshman education major, said she saw a man on the way back from her friend’s residence hall, and he asked to use her cell phone.

“I said no, and he started following me, so I let him make a few calls,” Dupra said. “When I demanded my phone back, he put a gun to my head and threw me to the ground.”

The man took her cell phone and book bag and ran away, she said.

Police set up a perimeter and located the two suspects in the WKSU parking lot, said Lt. Robert E. Nation of the Kent State Police Department. He would not comment on whether the men were armed.

“The two suspects were detained and questioned. Subsequently from a consented search of their vehicle, the book bag reported stolen was located along with other evidence,” Nation said, though he would not comment on the other evidence.

Originally the two suspects told the police they were having car troubles in the parking lot and had nothing to do with the incident, Nation said.

Police stopped people passing by and questioned them about the situation, said Nathan Mikita, a student stopped by police on Summit Street.

“They told us to go home because there is an armed man headed this way,” Mikita said.

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