University architect presents summer plans

William Schertz

Summer signifies the culmination of a school year, a temporary end to the stress of research papers and relief from the constant desire to gouge out eyeballs.

For the university architect, summer means go time.

Thomas Euclide, director of Architecture and Engineering, presented several of the university’s summer construction plans at the city of Kent Planning Commission meeting last night.

Euclide’s presentation focused mainly on the current Stopher and Johnson reconstruction and the beginning of phase two of the university esplanade. Phase one was completed last summer.

Phase two of the esplanade project will include a walkway extending from Bowman Hall to the west end of the Student Center and the building of a new access road to the M.A.C. Center parking lot.

“That project’s going to cause a lot of disruption,” Euclide said.

The project will overlap with the Stopher/Johnson reconstruction, Bowman chilled water plant construction and campus electrical distribution improvements. Euclide said prior to the meeting that minimal classes will be held in Bowman to help decrease the traffic problems in the area.

The university also plans to build a north entry on the Student Center, allowing students to enter the building on the second floor.

“This way students don’t have to walk all the way around the building to the plaza to get in,” Euclide said.

Franklin Hall renovations will also start this summer. Euclide estimated summer projects will cost around $47 million.

Euclide said Koonce Hall will also go through renovations this summer.

Most of these projects will be out for bid for contractors within the next few weeks, he said.

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