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Erika Kreider

Cook brings Tourgasmic comedy show to M.A.C. Center

Comedian Dane Cook performs Saturday night along with Gary Gulman, Robert Kelly and Jay Davis at M.A.C. Center. Kent State is the 11th stop of the “Tourgasm” show which starts in California and ends in Massachusetts in April.

Credit: Erika Kreider


That one word alone made Dane Cook fans squeal with joy.

Cook’s stand-up comedy tour, named “Tourgasm,” blessed fans at the M.A.C. Center Saturday night with funny observations taken from everyday situations. Also on the tour were Cook’s comedian friends Jay Davis, Gary Gulman and Robert Kelly.

“I kind of fell into (becoming a comedian),” Kelly said in a phone interview prior to the Tourgasm show. “I can’t help I’m hilarious.

“When I was in college I wanted to do a job (where) I work for an hour at night and make a lot of money and never get calluses on my hand,” he added. “There’s no better feeling than waking up at three in the afternoon and watching five people go on lunch break.”

For his routine, Cook brought some older material such as “Tire in the Face,” which talks about NASCAR racing and a tire hitting a woman in the face.

‘“Lisa, look at the way I’m walking with my feet,’” Cook said, in character, during the show. ‘“Look at my one heel; look at the way I walk.’”

Kelly said not only do he and the other comedians joke on stage, they play their own jokes on each other regularly.

“I was napping one day and I actually had my hand out and Jay Davis thought it would be funny if he put a piece of raw meat — a piece of ham on my hand,” Kelly said. “I woke up very angry and violent because that is a very disgusting feeling — raw ham.”

Not only were fans excited to see Cook, Cook said he was excited to see fans.

“My favorite part about colleges is a real mix of demographic,” Cook said. “But colleges get some energy in the room. It gets kids away from all the crap that they’re workin’ on. They’re just there to chill for a little bit and just want to let off some steam. The energy at a college is definitely different from a club.”

Cook said he finds it flattering that many of his fans like him so much they memorize his material.

“That’s what you want to do. You want things they’ll remember,” he said. “That’s why people remember Bill Cosby and Seinfeld because they leave their mark. I’m really proud to think I’m leaving my mark.”

A DVD is currently being compiled from the Tourgasm dates and is due out after the tour. The DVD will feature scenes from the tour, including what the comics do on a regular basis. Also, clips from the tour bus hotline fans can call to directly talk to the four comedians will be included.

“I expect everybody that receives (the DVD) will be really impressed,” comedian Gary Gulman said. “I was fascinated by comedians, I was curious as what day to day lives were, how they come up with material, how they interact with their friends. I just think fans of Dane will love it.”

Cook said it will offer a look into how comedians like him warp everyday life into a comic routine.

“Well, I see things and like to put on my little spin,” Cook said. “Every comic is sort of an observational comic. You see stuff that happens around you you’ll like to use. I get my jokes from what’s around me and put my own little paprika on it.”

The “Tourgasm” is 20 shows in 30 days, which is pretty intense for any tour. But Jay Davis said he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“To be honest with you, I don’t miss anything,” Davis said. “I don’t have a girlfriend — I’m the only one who is single. The only unique thing that I brought was a book on ADD. I have Gary read this book to me. Sometimes Dane calls me Jay DD.”

Davis not only interacted with the fans during the show by reciprocating love back to a fan who yelled, “I love you,” he also stayed around to meet everyone.

“We don’t want to leave until we meet every one of you,” Davis said.

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