Student elected Ohio Young Democrats secretary

Sean Joseph

The president of the university’s chapter of College Democrats will now serve young members of the political party all around Ohio.

Adam Herman, senior political science major, was elected secretary of the Ohio Young Democrats Saturday. The Ohio Young Democrats is a youth organization made up of statewide college, high school and county chapters, said Kelly Stellrecht, director of communications and sophomore video and television programming and political science major.

Each chapter has a specific number of votes based on its chartered membership to elect the members of the executive board, Stellrecht said.

Herman said his new position would not take anything away from his duties as president of the College Democrats.

“These two jobs work hand-in-hand. I won’t be decreasing one to increase the other,” Herman said. “I think Kent State will only benefit from me holding this position.”

Responsibilities of the Ohio Young Democrats secretary include taking minutes at meetings and keeping official records and documents, Herman said. But he said he was elected because he promised to do more than that.

Herman said his goal is to better facilitate communication between chapters in different regions of Ohio.

“This gives me an opportunity to make sure young people have a voice in Democrat politics,” Herman said. “My hope is to facilitate communication between young people and make their voices heard.”

At the university, Herman is responsible for recruiting members of the College Democrats, Stellrecht said. He also helped organize the Michael Moore event and registered students to vote.

“I think (Herman) will be able to do both his jobs very well,” Stellrecht said. “The Kent State College Democrats are very excited about his new position.”

Kent State alumna Lauren Goode also was elected first vice president at the convention.

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