Expo helps students choose possible careers

Kirsten Beverley

While some students may be searching for the perfect vacation spot, others are searching for the perfect job.

Career Services hosted its third Career Expo for this year yesterday in the Ballroom.

Drawing more than 250 students within its first hour, the expo showcased a variety of employers. From Target stores to American Express Financial Advisors, each employer offered different opportunities for its potential employees.

Students and alumni had the opportunity to present their résumés to potential employers face-to-face, an opportunity that few would see outside this expo.

Julie Stieber, associate director of Career Services, said it is also a great chance to get connected with potential employers.

“It is an opportunity to introduce yourself to potential employers and practice selling yourself,” Stieber said.

Students who attended the event said having time in person with potential employers is what drew them there.

“You’re not going through the newspaper. The business is right here on campus,” said Ben Anderson, senior communications major.

“You get a lot of good contacts. I got three interviews from the last expo,” said Leigh Anne Halk, junior fashion merchandising major.

Veteran companies of the expo, such as Target stores, Save-A-Lot and American Express Financial Advisors, said that it is the student body that draws them back to the expo each year.

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