Art professor lectures on her works from the past 10 years

Jennifer Zemanek

Janice Lessman-Moss, an art professor, lectured on her weavings from the past decade during a presentation called “Origins and Synthesis” last night in the Murphy Auditorium in Rockwell Hall.

In the past 10 years, a lot of discoveries have been made, such as new technologies that have directly impacted my work and how I think, Lessman-Moss said.

In July 2001, Lessman-Moss said she had a dramatic experience occur to her at Jacquard Center in North Carolina — she was given the opportunity to work on a computer loom.

“The digital software for weaving expanded the possibilities for works, technically and conceptually, as well,” Lessman-Moss said.

Lessman-Moss said she uses the computer for her designs, whether she uses a hand loom or a computer loom, but the computer loom will weave exactly what the computer sees.

“The time spent on designing a work is the same— about two weeks,” Lessman-Moss said, after the lecture. “Using a hand loom, a piece will take about two solid weeks of work, whereas, a computer loom will take 20 minutes to produce the piece.”

Lessman-Moss described many of the works she has created in the past 10 years. She explained technical processes and her thought process behind some of the works.

Leigh Anne Halk, junior fashion merchandising major, said she was not as attentive as she wished she could be during the lecture.

“I think it was geared more towards weaving students or people with weaving experience,” Halk said. “The part I found most interesting was that I think it is surprising to learn that there are accredited professors on campus that we don’t know about.”

Lessman-Moss said she has received a grant from the university for the summer.

“The summer grant is for research support,” Lessman-Moss said, after the lecture. “The grant allows me time in the studio, which is critical to development in my work.”

Lessman-Moss’ weavings and tapestries are currently on display in the Kent State University Museum in Rockwell Hall.

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