Think blue today with concerts, hemp and plants

Jessica Rothschuh

People around the world are thinking green today, the 35th annual Earth Day.

They’re also thinking blue — this year’s Earth Day celebration is focusing on access to fresh water.

In Israel, Jordan, the Palestinian territories, Japan, Nigeria and other places around the globe, the Earth Day Network is working to promote fresh water agreements and sustainable water use programs.

At Kent State, members of Students Eliminating Environmental Destruction are joining the action. This week, SEED has shown environmental documentaries and hosted talks about fresh water in preparation for today.

SEED coordinator Tim Mayer said it is important for students to celebrate Earth Day.

“It’s important because very often it’s sort of easy to forget you live on the planet, believe it or not,” Mayer said. “What we do does affect (the planet), negatively or positively.”

SEED member Lauren Miheli said the group has bands playing and informational and craft tables set up in Risman Plaza today.

Students can sign a leaf of the Earth Day pledge tree and make their own hemp jewelry.

“People can pot their own plants in reused containers,” Miheli said.

Later in the day, students can join SEED members in a “critical mass bike ride” around town.

“It’s showing alternative modes of transportation,” Mayer said.

The bike ride also shows motorists that a lot of people ride bikes, and they should be respected, Miheli added.

Skateboarders and rollerbladers can join the trip, too.

Miheli said people usually equate Earth Day with planting trees, but the group will not be planting any trees today.

“It’s not Arbor Day. It is Earth Day,” she said.

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