City Council discusses increasing tow fees

Lindsay Wargo

Soon the city of Kent could see an increase in towing prices.

Last night during committee meetings, City Council heard comments from police chief James Peach and tow company spokespeople.

Kent tow companies proposed an updated fees list to Council, which included increasing the fee for towing vehicles to $85. This fee only applies to calls made by the police. Residents who call for a tow will be charged the current fee — $30 plus tax and $3 per mile.

The last time the companies asked the city for an increase was in 1983.

Peach said he agrees with the increase in the tow fee but said he wants Council to look carefully at extra fees attached to the proposal, such as a $50 gate fee. This fee would require residents to pay $50 to retrieve personal belongings from their cars in the lot.

Councilman Ed Bargerstock said he feels some of the fees like the gate fee are “very abusive to residents.”

Council voted to send the issue to the administration who will discuss the issues raised at the meeting and come to an agreement with the tow companies. The revised proposal will then come back to Council for approval.

In other news, Council members discussed complaints from residents about commercial trucks and other large vehicles being parked on residential streets. Council voted to have the administration draft an ordinance to address this issue, which will be brought back to committee for approval.

Council also discussed the 2005 Street Program, which will include temporary improvements to College and Lincoln streets. The improvements will not be long-term because of heavy construction vehicles that will be trafficking the area during renovations to Franklin Hall.

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