Police pay extra attention to Wright Hall

Sean Joseph

Due to several cases of vandalism this semester, Wright Hall is now under extra police supervision.

During February several cases of criminal damage — holes in walls, torn-down signs and graffiti — were reported all over the building, said Lt. Paula Rossi of the Kent State Police Department. There are no suspects for these damages, and no charges have been filed.

Residence Services has requested that police officers be more visible throughout Wright Hall, said Betsy Joseph, director of Residence Services.

“We are trying to take care of these incidents because it is disruptive for students who are trying to get ready for midterms,” Joseph said.

Mark Malenic, Wright Hall resident and freshman international relations major, said he does not know if the police presence is helping, but he has noticed officers in the building more often.

Jon Blasko, sophomore education major and Wright Hall resident, said he has not noticed as much vandalism lately. Earlier this semester, he said, he saw a lot of writing in the stairwells and plywood covering up holes in the wall.

Both Rossi and Joseph said it was too early to tell if the police presence was making a difference in Wright Hall.

No officers are assigned specifically to Wright Hall, but whenever officers have extra time during the week they will make rounds there, Rossi said.

Similar problems in residence halls around campus have been solved with increased police presence, Rossi said. In recent years police officers and Residence Services have worked together to prevent crimes in other halls.

“If we ever see there is a problem area on campus, officers will do extra patrol,” Rossi said. “We basically make our presence felt, so damage is less likely to occur.”

Police reports do not indicate a motive or if alcohol was a factor.

“Normally when things happen like this they are alcohol-related,” Rossi said. “A sober person doesn’t tear a sign off the wall just because it’s there.”

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