Students and deans debate plus/minus grades

Carrie Scully

Deans and professors from the College of Business Administration took the hot seat last night during a dean forum in effort to give students answers to their burning questions.

The new plus/minus grading system, which is set to be implemented in Fall 2005, was the topic of concern for many of the students in attendance.

Katie Murphy, business management major at the Kent State Salem campus, is set to graduate in Spring 2007 and made the trip to main campus to address that specific issue. Because of her graduation time, she will be affected by the new changes in the grading system.

“It helps people getting C’s and D’s, but it hurts those who are getting A’s,” Murphy said. “It’s hard enough to keep an A.”

Associate professor Cathy Dubois said the new grading system will offer a “fairer distinction” between students who are doing really well in a class and those who are not.

“It seems more accurate,” Dubois said, “People will get what they earn.”

Professors will have the choice to use the plus/minus grading system, and if they choose to, they will also decide the ranges at which the grades will be assigned.

Sophomore marketing major Laura Walter will also be affected by the changes in the grading system and said she wants more consistency among professors.

“I would like to see a more standardized format,” she said. “I don’t like that it’s going to be left up to the teachers to decide.”

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