Daily Kent Stater

Columnist should use name when writing about self

Dear Editor:

A pseudonym for someone who uses “I” as the subject of at least 20 sentences or clauses is ridiculous. If anyone is supposed to care what this “I” thinks about anything, he/she can at least use his/her name. What’s the point of anonymous solipsism? At least Don Norvell’s pointless column entirely about himself and his unconventional challenging and stunning views used his name.

Sean Buchanan

Kent State alumnus 2004

Student says he’s proud to sign his letter to the editor

Dear Editor:

I am writing to comment on the coward that is “Michael J. Greenberg.” I admit I am not a journalist; however, I am a very opinionated person. This letter, however, has nothing to do with the opinion expressed by Mr. Greenberg. It has to do with the fact that he is too scared to sign his name to his columns. Many Stater columnists write opinions that differ from those of their fellow Kent State students, and not one of them has been harmed in any way.

The fact of the matter is Mr. Greenberg does not fear being hurt; he has an opinion that differs from many students here, and he fears people knowing it. He doesn’t want to be the idiot with a different opinion. I find myself in that situation many times. I constantly have opinions that differ from my friends, relatives or the social norm. However, unlike Mr. Greenberg, I always have the courage to stand behind my opinions, and unlike Mr. Greenberg, I am proud to sign my name to this letter.

Matthew Finamore

Freshman political science major