USS discusses food issues with Dining Services

Jessica Rothschuh

Undergraduate Student Senate held a forum with Eugene Walters, marketing manager for Dining Services, last night at its weekly meeting.

Senators also detailed their progress reaching the goals they’d set for their one-year term of office, and USS approved Executive Director Gary Broadbent’s list of appointees to this year’s Election Commission.

Walters fielded questions from senators on a variety of issues concerning Dining Services, including questions about Mein Bowl and the Schwebel Garden Room.

“We’ve worked really hard on Mein Bowl,” Walters said. The restaurant has recently changed its menu and its service style.

“People like to see their food made to order,” Walters said. Mein Bowl will now make all food to order with the exception of General Tso’s and sweet-and-sour chicken, the two most popular dishes.

“Because it’s not going away, we’re trying to make it better,” Walters said. He asked that students be considerate and patient while the employees are trained.

The Schwebel Garden Room is no longer accepting students’ food plans and is not open for dinner because Dining Services was “losing money on it,” Walters said.

Other senators were concerned with the soda machines not taking FlashCash, clearer pricing in the Hub and the lack of open dining areas for students who move in early. Walters said he would look into these concerns.

The senators also explained the progress they’ve made on their goals. Sen. Brian Guffey said he is looking into the possibility of allowing outside advertisers to use the plasma screen television in the Student Center.

Bill Ross produced an information packet about the plus/minus grading system and is continuing to work on the USS Book Exchange Web site.

Shane Lewis has not yet achieved his goal of coordinating video conferences with other universities or his goal of creating a survey to gauge students’ opinions about their relationships with landlords.

Adam Croweak said he reached his goal of getting Student Legal Services running and is now working on an advertising campaign and an open house.

Broadbent said he is still working on incorporating the black squirrel into university activities.

“The mascot was chosen by a student vote and could presumably be changed by a student vote,” Broadbent said.

Broadbent also is looking into creating a student memorial garden to celebrate the lives of the students who have died recently.

USS also approved Broadbent’s list of appointees to this year’s Election Commission. The students appointed to the commission’s positions are:

– Election Commissioner: Jenny Tabatabaie

– Publicity: Matt Stevens

– Forums: Scott McCallen

– Polling: Kate Metzger

– Rules: Adam Croweak

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