Arraignment today for man accused in the Brimfield shootings


James E. Trimble will be arraigned today at the Portage County Court of Common Pleas on three counts of aggravated murder for the shootings of Kent State senior Sarah Positano, 22, Renee Bauer, 42, and Dakota

Bauer, 7.

Trimble, who could face the death penalty if convicted of any of the Brimfield murders that took place on Jan. 21 and 22, was indicted by the grand jury Friday. Trimble was also charged with kidnapping, felonious assault, aggravated burglary and illegal possession of 21 firearms.

Trimble was indicted on 12 counts of attempted murder for allegedly firing at police and entered a plea of not guilty at an arraignment in front of Judge John A. Enlow on Jan. 31.

Enlow issued a gag order Thursday, banning any lawyers involved in the case from commenting.

Portage County Prosecutor Vic Vigluicci requested the gag order, so the jury pool for Trimble’s trial would not be affected by pre-trial publicity.

The Record-Courier reported that public defender Dennis Lager, who is representing Trimble, accused Vigluicci of violating the gag order by speaking to the Record-Courier. Lager filed a motion Friday for Vigluicci to be held in contempt of court.

— Sean Joseph