Program advises on diets

Alison Turner

Atkins, Weight Watchers, South Beach, The Zone, Slim Fast.

With all the diets out there, how are you supposed to know which one is the best for you?

The Nutrition Outreach Program on campus may be able to help. This semester, the program is out on campus, willing to advise students and faculty with nutrition questions.

Someone from the program is available every Tuesday and Thursday from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the different dining areas: Prentice, Stewart, Student Center and Eastway cafeterias.

Each rotation of the dining halls has a different theme. This rotation’s theme is heart health awareness. Brochures and informational fliers are available at the table set up by the staff.

Eugene Walters, marketing director for Dining Services, said it is important for students to get all the information.

“We’ve created themes and documents and put it all out there for the students,” Walters said.

A registered dietitian is also available at the table to answer any questions students might have.

Juanita Weaver, coordinator of the Nutrition Outreach Program, is one of the registered dietitians.

“We offer in-depth weight counseling for people who are really serious about weight loss,” Weaver said.

The Nutrition Outreach Program, a part of the Family & Consumer Studies school, also has one-on-one weight consultations by appointment in its Nixson Hall office.

To set up a meeting, a student can call and make an appointment. After that, the student will keep track of everything he or she eats in one day and e-mail it directly to the Nutrition Outreach Program.

The e-mail must also include height, weight, age and gender.

The information from the e-mail is typed into a computer program that analyzes the student’s food intake, including calories and vitamins.

The next day, the student will come in and meet with a professional from the program and decide which foods are best and what foods need to be incorporated into the diet. Students can make weekly appointments with a dietitian to keep their eating on track.

To set up an appointment, contact the Nutrition Outreach Program at 672-2197.

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