Academic resource room near completion

William Schertz

The university architect is putting finishing touches on the new academic resource room in the M.A.C. Center, said Thomas Euclide, director of architecture and engineering.

The project has been underway since summer and will give students involved in athletics an area to study and do school work.

Jen Kulics, assistant athletic director of Academic and Student Services, said the room will be used as a study area for athletes and will provide them with other resources, as well.

“It’ll be an area for students to receive tutoring,” Kulics said, pointing out that offices for a math and learning specialist will be located in the room.

Kulics said the room will have about 70 study carrels and will have ports for laptop access.

Student athletes also will be required to study in the room for a certain number of hours each week, based on GPA and preferences of their coaches, using their FlashCards to clock in and out of the lab.

“This is something that’s been on the drawing board for many years,” said Cathy O’Donnell, associate athletic director of Academic and Student Services.

O’Donnell said plans to create an academic resource room never progressed because the room was always needed for something else.

“This room has, up until recent years, been a room we used for study hall, then it became a swing space for classes, “O’Donnell said. “Now it’s come back to us for full-time use.”

O’Donnell said the room will include a showcase for Academic All-Americans, something that was designated by Kent State alumnus George Jenkins, who helped fund the project along with alumnus John Farrell.

Jenkins, an attorney, played football for Kent State during the ’60s. Farrell, a businessman, ran track in the ’50s, O’Donnell said.

O’Donnell said she is very pleased with the work that Michael Bruder, the architect in charge of the project, was able to do with the room.

“He has just been great in terms of understanding what we needed and staying in the budget,” O’Donnell said. “Our athletes are very proud of this center.”

O’Donnell said Kent State has always been dedicated to helping its athletes, and the addition of this center is another way to benefit them.

“We’ve always been committed to our athletes here in terms of support,” she said.

Sophomore sports management major Cameron Bobb, who is a receiver on the football team, said he is looking forward to using the new center.

“I think it’s gonna be better having all the tutors in one area,” Bobb said. “You don’t have to walk back and forth down the hall anymore. It caters to your needs.”

Bobb said he plans to spend about an hour and a half each day studying in the room once it is finished.

“It’s a quiet place to go study,” Bobb said. “It’s gonna make me do my work and practice study skills.”

O’Donnell said many universities have entire buildings devoted to this purpose. While she does not think this is necessary at Kent, she does feels that Kent State has made a step in the right direction by building the resource center.

“Our athletes are very proud of this center,” O’Donnell said. “We’ve finally stepped up at Kent State and addressed this issue.”

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