Valentine’s gift ideas for less than $20

Danielle Toth

Credit: Andrew popik

JB Robinson Jewelers diamond bracelet: $99.

Dinner for two at Hyde Park: $73.14.

One dozen roses from 1-800- FLOWERS: $39.99.

Getting a little expensive?

The classic Valentine’s Day can seem overwhelming with expectations of presents and fancy dinners. However, there are some inexpensive alternatives that students on a budget can enjoy with their significant others this year.


Single Red Rose ($1.79, Tops Markets)

What says romance better than a single red rose? The rose can be dressed up with a ribbon or decorated with a personalized card. Many stores also offer single rose packages with teddy bears or chocolates for a little more money.

“If I received a single rose, I’d be flattered and awestruck,” said Claire May, sophomore integrated language arts major. “Money doesn’t matter, just as long as they remembered.”


The Cosmo Kama Sutra ($17.95,

The Cosmo Kama Sutra is for those students who want to get intimate on Valentine’s Day. This book describes various sexual positions with a cute Cosmo twist. Each position includes instructions and is coupled with a colorful illustration that leaves no unanswered questions. The book also explores taboo sexual topics and gives tips on how to have the most successful romantic evening.


Lovers Coupons ($5.95, Ambiance stores)

Whether you buy a book of manufactured coupons or make your own, a coupon book can show your significant other that you put him or her first.

“A homemade coupon book would be really cute,” freshman accounting major Jennifer Hurbison said. “You could make a coupon, like ‘You get to pick the movie.’”

Some other examples of coupons include free back massage, free dinner and free foot rub. You can personalize your book depending on your partner’s likes and dislikes.


Burned CD ($12.99 for a 10-pack of CDs, Best Buy stores)

Collect a few of you and your significant others’ favorite CDs, and select songs that are special to your relationship. Most computers have a CD burner installed in them, and you can personalize a favorite CD for your partner to listen to and think of you. Plus, it shows you put effort into thinking about your partner’s likes and personality.


Journal ($12.89, Target stores)

This gift can be made as personal as you want. Find a journal in your significant other’s favorite color, or pick one with a theme that you both share. Write him or her a romantic message on the first page, and he or she will think of you each time he or she uses it. This gift is ideal for someone who loves to write.


Picture Frame ($12.48, Wal-Mart stores)

Find a cute picture of the two of you, and put it in a Valentine’s-themed frame. Or create a frame yourself with supplies from any craft store. Some supplies to think about are felt, sequins, ribbon, glue and puffy paint. A homemade frame shows that it’s the thought that counts.


Coffee mug and coffee (Coffee: $10.95 Arabica coffee shops, Mug: $7.97 Hallmark stores)

You can make this gift look like you spent a fair amount of money on it. Pick out a cute cup that your boyfriend or girlfriend will enjoy. Put the coffee inside the coffee cup and wrap some shiny, clear gift wrap around it. Secure the wrap with a pink or red bow. Now you’re ready to cuddle up together during the cold winter nights.


Movie gift certificates ($20.00, Regal Cinemas)

Give your significant other the gift of a fun date. Most movie theaters will give gift certificates in any denomination.

“I would give movie certificates because there’s not much to do in February when it’s cold outside,” junior aeronautics major Blaine Felton said.

Make sure to let your date pick the movie.

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