Letters to the Editor

Web site aims to offer more sex education

Dear Editor:

I read the most recent column on pregnancy and sex education. I unfortunately missed the first one. I agree with you 100 percent that people should be educated more on birth control and many other topics regarding sex education.

In fact, I’m such an advocate of sex education that I created RealSexEdFacts.com a year ago. It’s primarily aimed at teens, but people of all ages visit. Advice on dating, relationships, morality and many other topics is provided by people in their early 20s, many of whom have counseling experience and/or journalism degrees. Medical information is provided by doctors or other medical experts.

I want the message about sex education to get out to as many people as possible. Teens have brains and they WILL use them, so why not give them something to think about?

Kate Hillard

Junior music education major

Bush is an alcoholic, has mental problems

Dear Editor:

This writer is a psychotherapist who holds a master’s degree in counseling psychology from the University of Maryland. I have been employed as a psychologist in the New York psychiatric system. The subject of this narrative is a psychological profile regarding President George W. Bush.

Bush is a nice man in his late 50s. He has a pleasant smile, and he seems sincere. By his own admission, this Yale University graduate is a recovered alcoholic. Alcoholics are drug addicts. The addictive drug is alcohol. Even when an alcoholic successfully controls the desire to drink, the urge remains, and the psychology continues. Many alcoholics attempt to redirect their addictive tendencies in order to stay sober.

Bush has redirected his compulsive alcohol addiction to the addictive compulsion for governmental power in order to overcompensate for feelings of personal inadequacy, low self esteem, diminished ego strength and sexual/emotional impotency. These psychological components are the result of his years of being a social drunk. Note that Bush was arrested in Maine for driving while intoxicated.

Bush’s alcoholism has also caused the spiritual reaction of guilt, which is an instruction from the conscience issued by the Holy Spirit counseling him that his alcoholic behavior and acts were morally wrong. The Holy Spirit is called The Counselor. Bush’s guilt continues because he has not procured sacramental absolution administered by a priest. His unresolved and unabsolved guilt has produced a fragile self concept, which he masks by issuing bravado exclamations such as, “Bring it on!” Bush made this macho declaration to the Iraqi insurgents in the protected safety of our White House. He continues to be an oral-dependent man-child who is easily manipulated by authority figures such as his father, the former President George H. W. Bush, also a graduate of Yale University.

In order to obtain paternal acceptance and forgiveness, prodigal son George Junior will do anything to gratify his ambitious, quietly manipulative father. As a result, he reignited the Persian Gulf War, which had been morally condemned by Pope John Paul. Bush lacks individuality, which he attempted to establish by heavy drinking, creativity, spontaneity and maturity. Alcoholics deceive themselves, and they attempt to deceive others. Alcoholics cannot lead families, much less nations.

Pray the Rosary daily to bring peace to the world and to end a barbaric war initiated by the amoral Bush politicians.

Joseph E. Vallely, M.A.

Connecticut resident