BUS panel to hold forum focusing on black violence

Black United Students will hold a forum titled, “Black on Black Violence: Why do we hurt each other?” at 7 p.m. in Oscar Ritchie Lecture Hall.

The panel discussion will focus on violence in the black population and fights on campus among those in the black community.

Members of the panel will include students sharing their experiences and opinions on violence. It will also address how violence arises and what causes it.

Teddy Harris, political affairs chair for BUS, said he organized the event after being inspired by the altercation with basketball player Ron Artest.

Harris said the group will also discuss a fight in the Rathskeller last semester and what is being done to prevent black violence.

“Black students have almost a ban on the Rat,” he said, “as a result of a few people’s negligence.”

—Steven Harbaugh