Spring into Greek life

Carrie Rupp

Continuous Open Recruitment in full swing as Kent State’s sororities look for new sisters

friendships and improve their networking abilities this semester may consider joining a sorority through informal recruitment.

The six sororities on campus have two recruiting periods, formal recruitment in the fall and informal recruitment in the spring. While less publicized and more relaxed, spring recruitment, also known as Continuous Open Recruitment, is just as serious.

The Panhellenic Council, which serves as the governing council for the sororities, is making sure that the recruitment period, which started this week, is not lagging behind.

Christina Grant, vice president of recruitment for the Panhellenic Council and an officer in Delta Zeta, said while spring pledges may miss out on the hype of formal recruitment and the hustle and bustle of fall’s rush week, they still get everything that their particular sorority offers, and sometimes even more.

“The girls still get the same amount of love from our members and from their big,” Grant said. “They get the same amount of attention, if not more, because it’s a more personal process, and there aren’t as many girls rushing.”

Because of the smaller recruiting classes and the less-hectic activity schedule, sororities have the opportunity to get to know their recruits better.

“This gives you the opportunity to be very selective, which I think is a good thing,” Grant said. “You want to pick top-notch girls to represent your name.”

Contrary to fall semester, where sorority members go out and advertise their sorority, in the spring, sororities are more commonly sought out by recruits. Girls are introduced to the idea of going Greek through sorority Web sites, mutual friends and acquaintances or because of their participation in previous recruiting periods.

Marie Koly, membership vice president for Alpha Xi Delta, said every sorority gets excited for the recruitment period and to meet their new pledges.

“Girls will pledge when they are ready, whether it is in the fall or the spring,” she said. “It’s when everything seems right to them.”

Any student interested in pledging a sorority this spring can check out the Panhellenic Web page at www.kent.edu/campuslife/GreekLife/Sororities.cfm, where all six sororities and their Web pages are listed.

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