Trio sounds ‘Alive’ on new record

Joe Shearer

Somewhere between the textured, delicate noise of My Bloody Valentine and the rock-out drive/strained vocals of Superdrag lies your new favorite local band: Annabel.

Not that the group just formed or anything. Brothers Ben and Andy Hendricks have been going at it since 2005 (Bassist Scotty Moses joined in 2007), and their latest EP, “Now That We’re Alive,” continues their audacious articulation of indie music artistry.

Sounds highfalutin, but there is a serious craft that gets more and more refined (and charming) with each release.

“Castles in the Air” is the band in full atmospheric swing, using everything in the trio’s arsenal, and somewhat subtle in its approach. The lush arrangement of reverbed guitar loops, building drums, guiding bass riffs and glockenspiel placement are so perfect you’ll begin seeing your life through a movie camera – it’s the stuff dreams are made of.

The dream doesn’t end there, seamlessly flowing into “Bouquet Mines.” Though much faster in pace, it complements its predecessor quite nicely.

Even if the combination of these two tracks tends to overshadow the other three, the longing in “Parade Rest” and the somber keys of “.And Elsewhere” easily lend themselves to repeated listens.

It’s easy to admire a band – especially a local one – that experiments and is continuously pushing its vision. When that music can be envisioned outside the local scene, that’s when it really begins to live and breathe on its own.

Annabel is definitely getting there.

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