Everyone needs an esthetician: taking skincare to the next level (A MAG)


Esthetician (A MAG)

Sydney Shufford Web writer

When I turned 13, puberty came into my life like a storm, and with it came my worst enemy: acne. For years I have been plagued by pimples, acne scars and discoloration. It seems as if the whole world has been obsessed with skincare in recent years, and I was no exception. I tried just about everything: masks, peels, scrubs, prescription creams, eye patches. You name it, I tried it. The only thing I’ve never thought to try was seeing a professional. And so I began my search for an esthetician.

What is an esthetician?

An esthetician is a state-licensed health and wellness professional. They can apply facial treatments and procedures that help promote vitality and health in the skin. Some services they can provide are facials, aromatherapy, chemical peel, microabrasion and much more. However, they can’t diagnose you with a skin condition or prescribe you with any medications. You would need to find an actual dermatologist for that. 

Finding an esthetician 

When it comes to my skin, I’m not willing to let just anyone mess around with it, so I did a bit of research. My first thought was to ask a friend for recommendations, but not many college students are seeing an esthetician regularly. So the next best thing was to Google it. I wanted a place that was affordable, with four or more stars and within driving distance. After a little bit of internet digging, I finally found the place for me: Ever Young Aesthetics. 

Deciding on a treatment

The Ever Young Aesthetics website offers an array of treatments, so I was initially overwhelmed with my options. Facials, dermabrasion, light treatments and more—they had it all. In the end, I decided to book a free consultation and a Glow and Go Express Facial treatment, which only cost $25.

The consultation

When I walked into the building, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was immediately greeted by Debra, the esthetician. She took me back to the room where the facial would take place. It was small and had calming music, a nice smell, a few chairs and a massage table. She started by having me fill out a questionnaire about my skin type and what types of products I use. We discussed my answers and she even made some recommendations based on what I was already using.

Next, I climbed onto the massage table to get comfortable. She proceeded to wash my face and then she pulled out this big, intense light. Debra covered my eyes and turned on some relaxing music. She then started to examine my skin.

After she was done with her examination, she put a moisturizer on me and we discussed the results. I was always under the impression I had oily skin, but Debra informed me I actually had dry skin, and the products I was using were too harsh for my skin, causing it to produce extra oils. I was shocked at this new revelation and excited to come back for my actual treatment. 

The treatment

Two days after my consultation, I returned for my first official facial. I stepped into the same treatment room as before. The lights were dimmed and the zen music was in full effect. I got onto the table and waited for Debra to come back into the room.

When she came back in the first thing she did was massage my arms with coconut oil and wrapped them in a warm compress. Next, she washed my face and pulled out the light to examine my skin. Now we were at the part that I was looking forward to: the extractions. She found some of the problem areas where my stress breakouts decided to take root and got to work. Debra made sure to tell me that extractions should not be done at home because it can lead to unwanted scarring and irritation.

Once my skin was cleaned out she then applied a peel and administered some aromatherapy. At this point, I was sure I could not be more relaxed but I was wrong. After the peel, she applied a mask and left the room. I lay there completely relaxed with a face mask on and the sound of waterfalls and chimes in the background. After about 10-15 minutes, Debra came back and washed off the face mask. She used toner and a moisturizer and, sadly, my facial came to an end.

Final thoughts

Overall, I had the most amazing experience at my first appointment with an esthetician. Debra could not have been more accommodating and careful. She always talked me through every step and made sure I was comfortable. I would go back for the service alone. Plus, the facial did wonders for my skin. My skin was the softest it has ever been for days. I also got to learn something new about my skin. Learning that I have dry skin has changed the way I treat my skin and the products I use. I highly suggest everyone see an esthetician at some point in their lives. It was a great experience at a surprisingly low price.