New crystal shop opens in downtown Kent


Matthew Brown

Hippie Fox Rocks is a new store that opened in Acorn Alley around Christmas, owned by Jared Abell.

Emma MacNiven Reporter Kennedy Gotham TV2 Reporter

For the crystal enthusiasts in Kent– a new rock shop has made its way to Acorn Alley. With tie dye wall art adorning the walls and groovy music playing overhead, Hippie Fox Rocks is the destination for all things metaphysical. 

The store’s owner, Jared Abell, got his start in Asheville, North Carolina. Abell sold rocks and crystals – some of which he mined himself – at local festivals. Although he enjoyed the festival atmosphere, the work that goes into selling at a festival can be strenuous. 


“I thought if it worked out, I would do a brick-and-mortar, and then this happened,” Abell said. 

Business ventures such as this do not come without their challenges. For Abell, starting a new business in the midst of an Ohio winter has proved to be difficult. However, the location and nature of the store has attracted customers. 

Sophomore digital media productions major Ava Dampier, a frequent customer of Hippie Fox Rocks, enjoys how relaxed the atmosphere is. 

“It’s more affordable than other crystal shops I’ve been to. All [of] the people that work there are chill,” Dampier said.

Hippie Fox Rocks not only offers a wide variety of crystals and rocks, but an assortment of hand-crafted items. The shop also features artwork from local artists. Ilene Weisberg, a tie dye artist known as juicygems on Etsy, is the first artist to be featured. Abell has a few more artists planned for the next few months, including a jewelry maker. 

“I’m close with a lot of artists in Kent and we do artist pop-ups from time to time. They come in, they do their little set up and they can sell,” Abell said.

Abell hosts the artists’ work in his shop free of charge, as the community aspect of owning a business is important to him. 

“Downtown Kent has an awesome small business community. Tight-knit, very supportive of one another. The Main Street Kent Organization supports all of the businesses downtown,” Abell said. “The business is a very community focused business and we are really just trying to have fun with it, more than anything.” 

Hippie Fox Rocks is open seven days a week, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. They are located at 155 E. Erie St. #201, Kent, OH 44240.

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