Kent to stage production of ‘Freaky Friday’


Ella Donovan

Kent State University school of theater and dance students prepare for the upcoming production of the musical “Freaky Friday” which runs Feb. 25- Mar. 6. 

Brianna Phillips Reporter

Kent students are bringing live theater back on campus later this month with a musical production based on the popular novel and Disney movie, “Freaky Friday.”

Directed by Eric van Baars, School Director and associate professor, “Freaky Friday” will be a fresh start for this year’s bill of performances.

“It’s a joyous fun piece,” van Baars said, “and I think it’s really been good for the cast members involved to do something that isn’t a touchpoint to so many things that we are reminded of in our daily life.”

Van Baars has been working with a set and costume team since last summer to achieve the perfect look for the show. To recreate the movie magic of switching bodies, the team has found a way to use technology and animation, something new and exciting for students to work with.

Lexi Dilucia, senior musical theatre major, will play the lead role of the mother in the upcoming musical “Freaky Friday” presented by Kent State University school of theater and dance. (Ella Donovan)

“We’ve been working together since late last summer coordinating how the play is going to function, how it’s going to look. It’s a contemporary musical so everything has a very modern look to the costumes,” van Baars said.

The musical is about a mother and daughter, played by senior musical theatre major Lexi Dilucia and senior theatre studies major Cameron Olin, who switch places for a day and must find a way to make things right. This is the first time there has been two female leads, which for Dilucia and Olin, is a new concept in theater.

“It’s like a dysfunctional family show that really shows you can have dysfunction but still really love each other even if you don’t say it all the time,” Olin said.

Dilucia is quite excited to be in the spotlight, as this is her first lead role in a show; she said this heartfelt story is a must see this spring.

Senior theatre studies major, Cameron Olin, will play the lead role of the daughter in the upcoming musical “Freaky Friday” which is presented by the Kent State University school of Theater and Dance. (Ella Donovan)

“I know things aren’t looking up for all of us with COVID and everything, but I think that the show is like a bright light that can bring people happiness,” Dilucia said. “It’s something that is uplifting and hopeful for the future.”

“Freaky Friday” will run at the Performing Arts Center Feb. 25 through March 6. Tickets can be purchased by calling the box office or by visiting their website.

Brianna Phillips is a reporter. Contact her at [email protected].