Kent State hosts Emmy winner and art entrepreneurs in free event


Kent State’s DI Hub where “Art Without Limits” is being held.

Benjamin Weaver Reporter

The College of the Arts will feature Emmy Award winning composer Silas Hite and other art entrepreneurs at the Art Without Limits panel discussion Feb. 4. A free event will cover Art Entrepreneurship in the DI Hub.

Arts Without Limits will feature speakers who have experience in the arts industry and cover topics such as how to apply their areas of expertise to other industries. The event intends to create an entrepreneurial mindset within the arts, according to Nick Petrella, co-organizer of the event.

“There’s always some sort of trading, bartering, exchange of money and/or time going on,” said Petrella. “This just gives you a way to think of it in the context of art.” 

Art Entrepreneurship is the ability to sell art, “So if they want to work in some aspect of the arts economy because you don’t sell things in the arts the way you would in other industries.” Petrella said. “You don’t sell a painting as you would a hammer,” 

Speakers will include:

The winners of the ArtsLaunch! 2022 contest, a new grant given by the College of Arts to any undergraduate or graduate student, will also be announced during the event. The students can win in either the new art or new arts venture categories.

Arts Without Limits will be held in-person in room 219 of the DI Hub Friday, Feb. 4. The event is free to attend and will also be broadcasted virtually to those who register online at the Art Without Limits webpage

There will be breakout discussions after each session in room 250 besides the developing an art entrepreneurship presentation.  

Benjamin Weaver is a reporter. Contact him at [email protected]