Struggling defense leads to Kent State’s loss on the road

Sofia Dlugo Sports reporter

Friday night, Kent State played Drexel University and suffered a 4-1 blow. Kent State played a stronger defensive game and the teams were tied 0-0 for the first period.  

After the second period Kent State let in three shots and was able to make in one of its own to give Drexel an early two-point lead. Kent State then let in two more goals in the third period to give Drexel the win over the Flashes.

Kent State played a less aggressive game than it had been playing the past few weeks. The team struggled in their defensive game and let Drexel have 38 shots on goal while Kent State had 30.  

The Flashes were able to control the puck and keep it in the offensive zone.  While only scoring one point tonight, Kent State only had eight fewer shots on goal than Drexel. 

The loan goal was scored by sophomore forward Ian Herrmann. He currently has six goals and five assists this season with Kent State. Herrmann has a three-point average this season as well.

By being able to play a better offensive game, Kent State was able to control the puck more and keep the game on both sides of the ice. While the defense for Kent State played aggressively in the defensive zone, it was able to limit Drexel’s shooting opportunities. Kent State’s offense was quick on the ice and was able to take and keep control of the puck more often.

Kent State faces off against Drexel again Saturday. The Flashes first game will start at 3:45 p.m.    

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