Student charged with two felonies in alleged assault of a police officer on Fake Paddy’s Day

Alexandra Golden, Assigning Editor

Kent State Police made one arrest on Fake Paddy’s Day—Paige O’Dell, a junior exercise science major, was charged with fourth-degree felony assault of a police officer and fifth-degree felony obstructing official business, according to the police arrest report.

O’Dell prevented officer Brittnee Miller from checking on the welfare of an intoxicated person by pushing officer Miller away and then assaulting her, the court complaint stated.

“Defendant attempted to strike officer Miller in the face, wrestled her to the ground and pulled her hair,” the court complaint stated.

O’Dell was released on bond March 14, 2022 after her arraignment. With this bond she is not allowed to consume or possess alcohol or illicit substances, the court document stated. She also must report to adult probation by noon of March 15, 2022, the document stated. O’Dell also must wear a SCRAM device, which is an alcohol and location monitoring device, said Sgt. Tricia Knoles of the Kent State Police Department. O’Dell’s preliminary hearing is set for March 18, 2022 at 8 a.m.

O’Dell did not respond when KentWired tried contacting her to comment.

Kent City Police Department had 17 arrests on March 13, 2022, but not all were related to the holiday, Lt. Mike Lewis said.

“I could only really attribute a handful of arrests, if that, to Fake Paddy’s Day, and whatever increase in activity there may have been on Saturday,” Lewis said.

The day was nowhere near as busy as usual, but the weather was probably a factor to that, Lewis said.

The offenses were relatively minor and related to alcohol, either in possession of alcohol under the age of 21 or public intoxication, Lewis said.

“It fell between a certain timeframe,” Lewis said. “So maybe it was attributed to Fake Paddy’s Day, maybe it wasn’t. It’s difficult to say.”

There were no citations given to houses for unlawful noises or large gatherings or crowds, Lewis said.

“The past few years, we’ve had high teens or maybe arrests in the 20s largely alcohol related underage possession or consumption of alcohol,” Lewis said. “And those are things that we just didn’t see this Saturday, thankfully.”

Alexandra Golden is an assigning editor. Contact her at [email protected].