Kent State President Todd Diacon rides PARTA buses


Kent State President Todd Diacon rides PARTA buses

If you got on a PARTA bus on campus today, there’s a chance you could’ve been a passenger alongside Kent State President Todd Diacon. In honor of National Bus Day (and on the coldest day of 2020 so far), Diacon stood at the PARTA stop near the Student Center with donuts and free Kent State scarves.

Students were excited to see President Diacon interacting with them in a common environment.

“He represents Kent State, so I feel like to represent he has to know what’s going on on campus,” said sophomore Matt Carney. “The only way to do that is to be on campus, not in his office.”

In an interview with KentWired on February 13, Diacon said one of his goals for the semester is to interact more closely with students. 

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