Ohio Supreme Court rejects fourth map proposal

Anthony Zacharyasz, Reporter

With the May 3 primary date right around the corner, the Ohio Supreme Court rejected the fourth map proposal that was submitted at the end of March by the Ohio Redistricting Commission.

The state Supreme Court said that the most recent maps submitted had barely any alterations from previous maps. It also stated that the maps for the Ohio House and Ohio Senate failed to meet Ohio’s new anti-gerrymandering rules.

In another 4-3 decision by the state Supreme Court, the Redistricting Commission now has until May 6 to produce yet another map via court order. Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor was once again the decisive fourth vote for the majority that rejected the maps.

Primaries for statewide and congressional races in Ohio remain on track for the May 3 ballot, but races within the Ohio House and Senate are in-jeopardy. Election officials say the latest possible date to hold a state legislative primary is Aug. 2.

Republican candidates on the upcoming May 3 ballot, like gubernatorial candidate Jim Renacci, are set to greet former President Donald Trump on April 23 when he makes a visit to Delaware, Ohio.

Anthony Zacharyasz is a reporter. Contact him at [email protected]