Hendry incident timeline

Timeline of the night of the incident according to Kent State University police record: 

  • The woman Hendry assaulted went to a party at Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity house, where she ran into Hendry after he claimed he got kicked out of another party.

  • The woman wanted to go home and Hendry offered to walk her home.

  • Hendry got a phone call from his girlfriend, the two went to Hendry’s apartment so he could talk to her.

  • While walking there, Hendry asked the victim if the two of them would ever kiss or do anything but she said no.

  • Hendry and his girlfriend had a verbal argument while the victim waited nearby by a shed; she texted a friend and said she wanted to leave.

  • They started walking back to the dorm again, and Hendry tried to grab the woman’s hand multiple times. She didn’t hold his hand and tried to distance herself from him.

  • Hendry asked if he could talk to her about the fight he had with his girlfriend and she agreed. They went to her dorm.

  • The woman texted her roommate saying she was uncomfortable with Hendry being there. 

  • While the woman used the restroom, Hendry got on her phone and attempted to send inappropriate pictures of her to himself.

  • Hendry then kissed her aggressively and held her against the bed. He touched her inappropriately and sexually assaulted her multiple times with his finger while she repeatedly yelled “Stop” and “Get off me.”

  • He offered her money and said  “How much do I need for you to have sex with me?” She screamed at him and told him to leave. 

  • She got off the bed and collected his things while he stayed by her bed and began talking about himself. 

  • Hendry asked if she was going to tell their boss and get him fired but she said she wouldn’t. 

  • The woman eventually convinced him to leave after saying “I don’t want you here.” 

  • As Hendry went to leave, he asked her if he should kiss her but she said no. Hendry said “I’m definitely gonna regret all of this tomorrow” as she pushed him out of her dorm. 

  • Hendry said “Bye” three times before the door shut between them.