President Todd Diacon approves 2023-2024 academic calendar

Berkeley Chadwick, Reporter

The Kent State academic calendar for fall 2023 was changed to minimize class disruptions, allot for more appropriate instructional time and allow for administrative processing to be more timely. President Todd Diacon made the decision following a year-long research process.

An email sent to university staff, faculty and students on Tuesday, July 18 outlined the changes. In the email, the Office of the Provost said the goal is to balance the needs of each educational sector.

This calendar became an option after the Academic Calendar Advisory Committee received feedback after only offering two options for Faculty Senate to vote on in their May 9, 2022 meeting. This option was a different one than what was previously voted on prior to send forward to Diacon’s office.

Faculty contracts will start on Wednesday, three weekdays before classes start instead of on Sunday. Classes will start the second-to-last Monday in August as opposed to the last Thursday of the month. The total number of days in class (traditional Monday through Friday courses) will increase from 70 to 73.

Finals week for the spring 2024 semester will be Monday through Sunday instead of Thursday through Wednesday. Class days will increase from 71 to 74 for Monday through Friday courses. Class days will end on a Sunday instead of on a Tuesday.

The summer 2024 semester will be shortened to 12 instructional weeks, causing the total number of class days to drop to 57 instead of the current 62 for Monday through Friday courses. Classes will begin on a Monday instead of a Thursday and will end on a Saturday instead of a Wednesday.

“The Academic Calendar Advisory Committee and the Faculty Senate are looking into moving the timeline of spring break to earlier in the semester, such as week 9 or 10 of the semester,” said Pamela Grimm in May, now-retired chair member of the Faculty Senate.

The loss of two class days in the fall semester called for the addition of five minutes to each class session, totaling 750 minutes of instructional time per semester, to be compliant with the semester credit hour requirements under Ohio Administrative Code 3333-1-02.

Berkeley Chadwick is a reporter. Contact him at [email protected].