Student detained following 2nd threat to Kent City Schools in less than a week

This story contains updates.

Sydney Brown, TV2 Reporter


Sydney Brown

A police car sits outside Theodore Roosevelt High School in Kent following the second threat to a school in the district in less than a week.

Isabella Schreck, Sports Editor

A 15-year-old male student at Theodore Roosevelt High School was detained Monday after making a “vague threat” toward the school Sunday night on social media.

When a Kent Police Department officer heard of the threat while on duty at the school Monday morning, the student could not be found quickly, as he was “not where he was supposed to be,” according to a news release from the department.

Police and school officials then “initiated safety procedures,” which included putting the school on lockdown. This is Roosevelt’s second lockdown in two school days and the second incident requiring a lockdown in the Kent City School District within the past week.

Theodore Roosevelt High School was one of three district schools to be placed in lockdown Friday after an unknown male threatened to bring an AK-47 rifle to Walls Elementary School in Kent.

The individual, located in the library, was detained for questioning. He had “not been engaged in threatening behavior,” according to the news release.

The school then returned to normal operations.

In an email to KentWired, Kent Police Department Lieutenant Michael Lewis wrote, “We do not have any reason to believe the two are related, or that there is any continuing threat to our schools.”

Theodore Roosevelt High School administrators released a statement to the community on Monday, following the incidents.

“When a threat is presented, administration and local law enforcement are tasked with making decisions about how to respond to keep our students and staff safe,” the statement said. “When the threat has been addressed internally, there are many emotions we are all going through. We will process the events the best we can in differentiated steps.”

Editor’s Note: The 15-year-old male student was detained by police on Monday and arrested on Tuesday. In a Tuesday news release, the Kent Police Department said the student was charged with inducing panic, intimidation and retaliation and is in police custody. 

“The Kent Police Department and the Kent City Schools take threats to our schools very seriously and are committed to provide for the safety of all students, faculty, and staff in our schools,” the news release said.

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