Kent State Aeronautics to hold launch event for United Airlines partnership

Macy Rosen, Reporter

United Airlines Aviate Program joins the Kent State College of Aeronautics and Engineering for a partnership launch event Tuesday.

Kent State students, faculty, staff and community are welcome to attend this event from 6 p.m. until 8. The College of Aeronautics and Engineering has an RSVP for the event.

The school has approximately 12 pathway programs at this time, including Delta Airlines and JetBlue.

The event will include a ribbon-cutting ceremony, an Aviate presentation and Q&A and networking with the Aviate team in the FedEx Aeronautics Academic Center at the Kent State Airport. Free food will also be provided.

Following the launch event, there will be a United pilot panel and Q&A at the Aeronautics and Engineering Building Wednesday at 9 a.m.

“It’s a unique partnership that we’ve been able to establish with our college, and it offers our professional pilot students the direct pathway as a student in our program to a first officer position at United Airlines,” Brian Neff, assistant dean of the College of Aeronautics and Engineering, said.

Stay tuned for detailed information about the pathway partnerships at Kent State Airport and the construction going on at their building on the Esplanade.

Macy Rosen is a reporter. Contact her at [email protected].