Gift Guide: Tree City Coffee

Tree City was founded in 2011 and voted best coffee shop for five years in a row by The Kent Stater, Tree City Coffee and Pastry is a real hit in the Kent community. 

Tree City announced its annual gift card sale for the holiday season on Small Business Saturday Nov. 30. This year Tree City is having two specials for gift card purchases. 

“If they buy a $20 gift card, you get a free drink,” co-founder Mike Beder said. “That’s kinda nice because if they’re picking up a gift card they can get themselves a little something while they’re here.”

For the other gift card special, if you buy $100 worth of gift cards you get a free $20 gift card. 

“You can break down that $100 however you want,” Beder said. “So that’s good for people who have to buy for their office or coworkers.”

Tree City does more than just gift card sales for the holiday season. On Saturday Dec. 7, Tree City hosts a brunch with Santa for people of all ages.

“We offer free gift wrapping and do waffles and avocado toast and stuff we don’t normally have on the menu,” Beder said. “We have our photo booths and you can take a selfie with Santa and we have some drink specials 




Lakes Christmas Ale 

and mimosas.”

Tree City also introduces a holiday drink menu with popular items like peppermint mochas, spiced chai tea lattes, spiked ginger cocoa that you can drink as a cocktail in house and gingerbread macchiatos. 

Along with the gift card sales, Tree City also does well with gift baskets this time of year. There are some premade in the store that people can pick up and there’s also the option to make specific, custom made gift baskets. 

“I think we’re a good spot for easy, convenient but enjoyed gifts,” Beder said. “We have a full liquor license and sell wine for retail, so one of our gift baskets could have a coffee mug, some coffee, a bottle of wine, some treats and some local tea. We can definitely put together some good stuff.”

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