Fashion resources temporarily relocated to main library

Jillian Saliba, Reporter

Due to construction in Rockwell Hall, resources from the fashion library have been temporarily relocated. Students are still able to see information from the fashion library at the main library.

Circulation service desk assistant Nick Donoughe said resources from the fashion library are being temporarily stored in the basement of the main library.

“You are able to get resources by searching them up on the website, requesting them and then picking them up at the circulation desk,” Donoughe said.

Senior fashion merchandising major Kristen Kubek used to visit the fashion library for various reasons. Now she speaks about how things have changed since the temporary move.

“It’s harder to access the resources now that it’s online so I feel like not as many people know about it even though it’s one of the driving factors for going to the fashion school,” Kubek said. “It’s such a unique resource for a public university to have.”

Not only did students lose their ability to physically search through material and resources, but they also lost a place to work, collaborate and connect.

“It was a collaborative environment for students to go. They would host craft events and other fun things,” Kubek said. “It was a place for students to create a social environment and work on things together.”

Students now have to find places elsewhere to work collaboratively. “I feel like that sense of community isn’t as strong since that space isn’t available to meet in,” Kubek said.

Despite this loss of space, students can still access resources 24 hours a day by searching keywords on the website. After finding needed information or materials, putting in a request normally takes one to two days to process before pickup.

“Most items requested online are available to be checked out for a couple week period,” Donoughe said. “However some are labeled for library use only depending on the material.”

Materials are still available at the main library and will continue to be until further notice. Workers at the main library are open to any questions or challenges a fashion student may face with the new process.

Materials will continue to be held at the main library and available for request until construction is concluded.

Jillian Saliba is a reporter. Contact her at [email protected]