Gift Guide: Bent Tree Coffee

Bent Tree finished in third place in downtown Kent’s holiday decorating competition to celebrate the holiday season. The coffee shop hung up reefs and painted its windows with reindeers and poinsettias.

Bent Tree is selling small gift items that highlight some of their coffee roasts, mugs and other local stores around Kent. The coffee shop is selling two different packaged gift items: coffee samplers and a mug basket.

The coffee samplers include six different roasts that are four ounces each. One four ounce roast is the equivalent to one cup of coffee. Some of the roasts included are a holiday blend, a Costa Rica blend and its black squirrel blend among a few other types of coffee. The coffee sampler gift is set at $25.

Bent Tree is also selling a mug basket for the holiday season. Customers can pick the color of the mug in addition to the $5 gift card, peppermint bark and chocolate espresso bark from Popped!, that come with the purchase. Popped is also a local store in downtown Kent and Ravenna.

“I think I would buy either the mug or the sampler packs because it gives you a little bit of everything that we do here,” employee Chloe Fezell said.

Fezell, a barista and coffee roaster, said the store also sells specialty drinks for the holiday season, a mint mocha and a holiday blend. She suggested customers buy the mint mocha because it is “nice and sweet.”

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