Gift Guide: UniversiTees

Having a hard time finding the right gift for someone? Stop into UniversiTees and pick up Kent State spirit wear for any age or gender! UniversiTees sells a variety of different gear, including their Kent State family sweatshirts and T-shirts. For $15.99 each or two for $22, you can buy a navy Kent State T-shirt specialized for each member of your family. T-shirts are available for your mom, dad, sister, brother and even your aunt or uncle. The family series is also available in a crewneck sweatshirt for $26.99. For holiday-lovers, UniversiTees sells navy Kent State-themed ugly Christmas crewneck sweaters for $39.99. Don’t want to gift clothes? No problem. UniversiTees also sells Kent State holiday ornaments in navy and gold for $9.99.

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