Modista Fashion Group takes Kent back to the Roaring 20’s

Antonia Richardson models for designer Teghan Goodman at the Modista Fashion Show. Modista is the campus fashion group at Kent State.

In black and gold, flapper dresses, feathers, fur and pearls the audience of Rockwell Hall auditorium was taken back to the ’20s with the 20/20 Visions fashion show. 

“My daughter is a freshman and she was one of the models here tonight, so we came out to support her and Kent State and all the designers,” said John Haslinger. 

Modista Fashion Group hosted the show to celebrate the upcoming new decade and and to highlight women’s issues relevant in the ‘20s and now. 

Johanna Georges, a freshman double majoring in fashion merchandising and entrepreneurship had all-female models and wanted to focus on how women gained the right to vote in that decade. 

“It was a big step for women in general, being allowed to vote,” Georges said. “I just wanted to show the empowerment of women just working and taking control of their lives.” 

The show opened with a performance from the Flashettes dance group. 

Sitting in the audience was fashion merchandising majors Maycie Bean and Monya Brandt.

“I think they definitely captured the ‘20s while putting a modern twist on it.” Brandt said. “That’s a hard thing to do because since it is so in the past.” 

Brandt said her favorite designer was Avrie Talboo who styled a model in a navy blue suit. 

“I think hers were really good especially, putting the woman in the suit, it made it more modern since that’s a thing now,” Brandt said. 

The fashion show is the perfect opportunity for members of Modista to add to their portfolio and showcase their creative style.

“I think I’m a very edgy person and I really like jewelry, so I really tried to add that to all of their looks,” Modista Event Coordinator and junior fashion merchandising major, Teghan Goodman said. “I added a certain type of edge but a certain over-the-topness with the fur.”

For junior fashion merchandising major Rachel Patterson, this was the first fashion show she designed pieces. She had a collection of three looks in the show. 

“I’m very happy with how it came out as well as I feel like people were complimenting my looks, which made me feel very confident in my designs,” Patterson said. “I wasn’t sure that everyone was gonna like it, or that I was going to look right. I like spent lots of hours poring over this.” 

President of Modista Fashion Group Keyanna Spann said it was nice to see all the models and how the looks came together. 

“I hope overall it was just a good experience and they really hone in on our representation of the twenties and really celebrate the year we’re coming into,” Spann said. 

The show ended with a clap out of all the models and performance of the Lana Del Rey song, “Young and Beautiful” from sophomore psychology major Aliza Patterson.

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