OPINION: Netflix needs to save “The Wilds”

Rachel Chapuis, Opinion Writer

Have you ever watched a show that is so well done in all aspects: the writing, the production, the casting, the plot twists? TV networks like Fox and streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime often launch multiple shows and then cancel the ones that aren’t the most successful. This causes many plot twists and storylines to be left unanswered. Some of the shows are so well-written and have a lot of potential but still get canceled.

“The Wilds” is one of those shows that is perfect in every single way, except that it got canceled without a proper ending or any answers to the questions from the previous seasons.

“The Wilds” is a discontinued show on Amazon Prime that has two unbelievably fantastic seasons. It follows a group of teenage girls who are headed to a wellness retreat in Hawaii but end up stranded on an island after their plane crashes. The girls tell their stories to a team of investigators. Each episode follows the girls’ backstories while also showing their progress on the island.

“The Wilds” also includes a lot of important topics like struggles with religious beliefs and sexuality, growing up in difficult circumstances, stereotypes, toxic masculinity and so much more. The show incorporates these topics in a way that is more realistic and relatable than other shows. For example, two of the main characters, Toni and Shelby butt heads due to Shelby’s religiously influenced homophobia. They struggle throughout the show with their different points of view but find common ground and understanding. It’s important for shows to show the real side of these topics and “The Wilds” does a fantastic job at that.

Amy Harris is one of the writers and producers of the show. She has also written and produced other successful shows like “Gossip Girl,” “Sex and the City” and “The Carrie Diaries.” She really believed in the show, and after the news of its cancellation, she shared petitions to get the show renewed.

Unfortunately, the show has yet to be renewed, but there is hope. Netflix has a history of picking up shows that were canceled by other networks. For example, Netflix picked up Fox’s “Arrested Development” and produced two more seasons. The production company also gave Fox’s “Lucifer” two more seasons and a clean ending.

I know without a doubt that if Netflix were to pick up “The Wilds,” it would become an enormous success on its platform. The show has everything – suspense, humor and romance.  I have recommended this show to countless people, and every single one of them came back to me obsessed with the show. There are so many unanswered questions that are fundamental to the show, but the biggest question that is eating away at me is, do they ever get off the island?

Rachel Chapuis is an opinion writer. Contact her at [email protected].