Kent State freshmen boys’ dating advice then (1931) and now


A 1931 article from The Kent Stater shared freshman Carl Falls’s address to individuals at the Kent State YMCA on proper “Date Etiquette.”

Zoe Finley, Reporter

Freshmen boys enter a new dating pool when they arrive at college for the first time.

Some may go on their first date. Others may consider themselves seasoned professionals.

This is not a new phenomenon.

A 1931 article from The Kent Stater shared freshman Carl Falls’s address to individuals at the Kent State YMCA on proper “Date Etiquette.”

Many of the tips given by Falls are relevant to the time period. For example, what excuse is acceptable for missing a planned date?

“Never break a date. The only excuses allowable are the death of your grandfather or your mother sick with scarlet fever, or small pox,” Falls said.

His tips also show age through vocabulary.

“When invited to dine, don’t drink your soup like tea. If it is noodle soup, don’t try to hang the noodles on your vest buttons. You might wear a vest to match the gravy,” Falls said.

Although some tips and vocabulary may be outdated, Falls’s light-hearted humor may entertain some readers even now.

“When you take roses, don’t hint before you leave that your grandmother isn’t well and is very fond of roses too,” Falls said. “Help her off with the coat. This will give you a chance to put your arm around her.”

Freshman boys at Kent State 92 years later have their own dating advice to offer.

Freshman Zach Pijor, a conservation biology major, said that looks are significant when going on a date.

“You should try and look presentable,” Pijor said. “If you look relatively presentable, I think that’s always good. Always wear a nice pair of shoes. You can learn a lot about somebody from their shoes.”

Freshman Shakur Cistruck, a computer information system major, said that good intentions are very important.

“Always be honest about what you are going for. Be open-minded about the situation,” Cistruck said.

Falls and freshman computer engineering major Jacob Zahler had different views on how many girls should be in the picture at once.

“Only talk to the person you want to be with, don’t talk to multiple people at once. It leads to very bad things. It can lead to very awkward situations,” Zahler said.

Falls said it is okay to go on different dates all at the same time.

“After you take her home, don’t wait until you hear the milkman’s whistle before you start to take your leave—otherwise by the time you complete your farewell you will have broken that date with that other blond you like so well,” Falls said.

Although different dating advice has been shared by freshman boys during the past century, one thing never changes: freshmen boys will always think they know the do’s and don’ts of dating.

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