Love made them sports fans

Jacob Hansen, Sports Editor

Adam Nowicki, accessibility specialist with Student Accessibility Services

Growing up, Nowicki was not interested in sports.

“I was more interested in video games, TV, movies, and other stuff,” Nowicki said.

Then in 2018, a couple of months into his relationship with his now fiancé, he went to Winking Lizard Tavern in Avon, Ohio, to watch the Steelers-Browns game. His fiancé is a big Steelers fan.

He saw the people at the bar cheering for the Browns and his fiancé cheering for the Steelers, and he came to a realization.

“I’m sitting there and am like ‘Clearly I’ve missed something my entire life,” Nowicki said.

Nowicki then spent the entire season watching every game. From then on, he’s been a fan.

Anna Snyder, senior fashion design major

Many people fall into sports because of someone else liking or watching sports. Snyder fell into sports because she came from a family that played sports. 

“I enjoy and know a lot about football because my dad played professionally, and my brother played in college,” Snyder said. 

Her dad played for the Indianapolis Colts. She started to understand the sport by going to her brother’s football games — and she now has become a fan.

“Now I love to stay up to date on current games,” Snyder said. 

Kalli G., junior human development and family studies major

Kalli originally got into football because of her family and her boyfriend’s family. 

She then started to understand the sport after watching her boyfriend’s brother’s games.

“He’s been teaching me about football, so I understand what our families are talking about when they talk about football,” Kalli said. 

She now tries to keep up with different sports teams. Her boyfriend’s family likes the San Francisco 49ers, and her mom likes the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Ohio State Buckeyes.  

Jenna Aveni, freshman integrated social studies major

“I got into sports because my dad played football and baseball growing up,” Aveni said. 

Her dad was injured, but the impact on Aveni lasted.

Aveni went on to play softball growing up. 

She watches other sports when they are in season. Aveni mainly watches baseball and enjoys watching the Guardians and other sports. 

Staff story: Alexandra Golden, senior journalism major

Golden first got into football because her dad was a Cleveland Browns fan. However, she didn’t become invested in sports until she dated her ex-boyfriend.

“Due to us both being college students, the only time we could hang out was Sundays” she said. “So, I began to love football.”

Golden then got into a fantasy football league in 2020 and has been doing it ever since. 

“I am now dating a sports guy, and my team has changed to the Eagles — but the Browns will always have my heart and be my true team,” she said.

Jacob Hansen is sports editor. Contact him at [email protected]