Greek life councils attend national leadership conference promoting open dialogue


Courtesy of Mack Coe

All three Greek life councils at the 2023 AFLV Central Conference.

Blake Serrano, Reporter

Around two dozen representatives from Greek life councils brought back ideas of embracing vulnerability and open dialogue after attending a national leadership conference.

The Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values Central Conference was attended by Interfraternity Council, Integrated Greek Council and Panhellenic Council Feb. 2-5. The conference was hosted in Indianapolis, Indiana and featured sessions focused on broadening perspectives and growing as a leader.

Mack Coe serves as Panhellenic Vice President of Diversity, Engagement and Inclusion. While attending the conference, Coe learned about a variety of ways to strengthen DE&I initiatives within Panhellenic Council. One of these initiatives was to add a DE&I budget for events such as recruitment.

Mack Coe is the Panhellenic Vice President of Diversity, Engagement and Inclusion.
(Blake Serrano)

Along with a budget, Coe mentioned that it is important that bylaws and constitutions have inclusive wording or procedures.

“A lot of times we don’t think about these things until something comes up, but we must be proactive and not reactive,” Coe said.

It takes a village to lead rather than one person, Coe learned at a keynote session.

“Student leaders sometimes think everything is on them, but there are always people behind you to help,” Coe said.

Interfraternity Council President Seth Young did not know what to expect pre-conference but embraced the enlightening environment as soon as it began.

“It was 9 a.m. when we sat down for the first keynote speaker,” Young said. “But with all the energy in there, it felt like noon.”

By attending the conference, Young was able to learn essential advice focused on masculinity, vulnerability and embracing different perspectives.

Seth Young is the Interfraternity Council President. (Courtesy of Kent State Undergraduate Student Government)

“A lot of men do not want to talk about their emotions, but it is so important that we do that as a brotherhood,” Young said.

Young also learned about ways to enact a DE&I perspective when communicating with other members of greek life.

“One breakout session talked about how we can change our verbiage to be more open and respectful of each other, which I believe is essential,” Young said.

Young also plans on hosting president’s roundtables with other fraternity chapter presidents. He hopes that these roundtables will allow leaders to let go of self-imposed barriers and embrace vulnerability.

Coe and Young shared one thing in common, and that is to increase council unity between all three greek councils.

“In theory, everyone agrees with that and wants to do it, but it is difficult,” Coe said. “So, we talked a lot about efforts on how to make that happen because it is so important.”

Blake Serrano is a reporter. Contact him at [email protected].