Technicians repair, move Veo Ride bikes

The VeoRide bikes made a splash this semester with abandoned bikes left in unimaginable places. It is the company technicians’ responsibility to keep track of each and every bike.

VeoRide technicians drive around and retrieve the bikes to bring back to their designated place. Jordan Hunt, a technician, has worked for the company since August and picks up about fifty bikes a day.

“We use an app that shows exactly where each bike is at,” Hunt said. “We then go and pick them up, put them in the back on the trucks and drop them off at bike racks on campus.”

The app not only allows the technicians to see where the bikes are, but to see when each bike is due for a tune up or new battery. As winter approaches, he brings in about twenty bikes a week so that they stay in good condition. Come December, there will be no bikes left on campus.

“The bikes will start to rust in snow which is one of the main reasons for bringing them in,” Hunt said. “Also, if someone is riding where there is ice, it can become a liability issue.”

Next spring, VeoRide will introduce fat-tire bikes to campus. These bikes are a bright blue color with big tires that allows riders to easily move through grass and gravel. The bigger tires also make it easier to pedal up steep hills.

“People are always looking for shortcuts to get to class,” Hunt said. “These new bikes will let them cut right through just about any type of terrain.”

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