Dix Media Ethics lecture aims to inspire new, young journalists

Danielle Stehle, Reporter

Award-winning reporter and newsroom executive Mizell Stewart III plans to spread the importance of information during the Dix Media Ethics lecture “Journalism as a Civic Good” March 1 at 7 p.m. in Franklin Hall.

Emily Metzgar, director of the School of Media and Journalism, believes that Stewart is a perfect candidate with his experience.

“He has seen [journalism] done well and he has seen it done badly,” Metzgar said. “He has seen how the respect for journalists has declined.”

Metzgar said she believes that this lecture will help “generate new groups of journalists” who are motivated to work for the public’s best interest.

Not only does she believe that Stewart will provide a fulfilling lecture, but David Dix, the founder of the Dix lecture and former publisher of the Kent Record-Courier, said he believes that Stewart will provide an example for the purpose of the lecture.

“The purpose of the Ethic Media lecture is to strengthen the commitment by journalists to ethics,” Dix said in an email.

His motivation to fund the ethics lecture was the “disappearance of local newspapers” and the “contributing to political instability.” He wanted to “support something that might make a difference.” Thus, the Dix Media Ethics lecture was born.

With MDJ hosting the Dix Media Ethics lecture, Metzgar said she hopes the students build a strong “ethical compass and are well equipped” for their future practice in journalism.

“Come and be inspired,” Metzgar said. “See why we do what we do.”

Danielle Stehle is a reporter. Contact her at [email protected].