Faculty senate hears Kent State works presentation, elects new senators

Jocy Holtsberry, Reporter

Editor’s note: The Student Academic Complaint Policy description was corrected. The next faculty senate will now be held in the Governance Chambers

The faculty senate implemented revisions to the Student Academic Complaint Policy and heard a Kent State Works presentation in their March 13 meeting.

President Todd Diacon started the meeting with a Kent State Works presentation. The presentation is for Ohio legislators to show Kent State’s economic impact on Ohio.

“Legislators are appreciative of the examples that I’ve given,” Diacon said. “I would say that I have not yet convinced them that we are not – as one person said to me –  a factory of wokeness.”

Following Diacon’s presentation, senate chair Tracy Laux announced the elected senators for the 2023-2026 term.

Senators At-Large

Elected Candidates: Athena Salaba, Jennifer Taber

Alternate: Josh Albrecht

College of Aeronautics and Engineering

Elected Candidate: Michael Fisch

College of Architecture and Environmental Design

Elected Candidates: Taraneh Meshkani

College of Arts and Sciences

Elected Candidates: David Kaplan, Oana Mocioalca

Alternate: Diane Stroup

Ambassador of Crawford College of Business and Entrepreneurship

Elected Candidates: Mary Hogue

Alternate: Casey Boyd-Swan

College of Communication Information

Elected Candidates: Michelle Ewing

College of Podiatric Medicine

Elected Candidate: Mark Dalman

Alternate: Nicholas Butler

University Libraries

Elected Candidate: Sean Kennedy

Alternate: Karen MacDonald

Geauga Campus

Elected Candidate: Velvet Landingham

Non-Tenure Eligible Faculty and Re-Elected

Elected Candidates: Julie Evey, Michelle Foster, Richard Mangrum, Ed Dauterich

Alternates: Jasmine Jefferson, Darci Kracht, Aaron Bacue, Mindy Nett, Brett Tippey, Said Shiyab

After reading off the elected senators, the senate heard revisions to the Student Academic Complaint Policy from the professional standards committee.

This policy was established to provide an appropriate framework and method to resolve student complaints of an academic nature. The policy currently allows students to bring a non-attorney adviser to the hearings but does not allow faculty to do the same. The revision would allow faculty to bring support, Senator Susan Roxburgh said.

“It’s a result of shared governance in that more than several faculty members brought this topic to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee whose responsibility at that point is then to do something,” Laux said. “In this case, they decided to pass it on forward to the professional standards committee to get their recommendation.”

The next faculty senate will be at 3:20 p.m. April 14 in the Governance Chambers.

Jocy Holtsberry is a reporter. Contact her at [email protected].